Monday, 13 April 2015

Cover for my second Salvation feature film dvd



Elizabeth Hard ('Liz Hard' > lizard) is a psychologist who travels over the rainbow to the dark side of oz, her clients, Arnold Lions (lion) , Tina Mann (tin man) and Scarlette Crowe (scarecrow) are sucked into Elizabeth's manipulations and those of her sidekick Tutu (Toto)

"Elizabeth Hard is a dominatrix living and working in London. Elizabeth embarked on her domme life ambivalently, seeing herself as a kind of “sexual therapist” but was ultimately seduced by promises of wealth and an elite lifestyle by her shadowy handler, Lucifer Sam, a man who arranges her clients remotely and whom she rarely sees. Her ambiguity about her lifestyle soon becomes an existential crisis as the demands of her handler, implicit to their business arrangement, become increasingly perverse and exploitative. Her own life and that of her clients begins to unravel as her compliance with his instructions unleashes a latent paranoia and unchecked sadistic streak that climaxes with her demanding that her a rival domme be killed to protect her position and satisfy the perversion of her dark overseer."

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