Monday, 13 April 2015

Banned from Vimeo

If anyone is wondering where all the films have gone from the video page, well....Vimeo have decided to ban me. Apparently they do not like the content of some of my films so they without warning deleted my account. I have since forced them to give me a refund after I tore apart their argument and terms and conditions 'smokescreen' and also now I have found they have been making my videos available for download without my permission, poor Vimeo, I will be chasing them up on that and doing me best to cause them trouble :). Their service is poor (especially the file up loader) and they have very selective subjective random monitoring on there which they seem to use when they feel like it to target certain people but have ZERO consistent regulations or people to enforce them, basically they do as they please when it suits them which can include account deletion, Funnily despite their unprofessional poorly set up site they are QUICK ENOUGH TO TAKE YOUR MONEY

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